Review of Assassins Creed - PS3/360

Assassins Creed was a game I heard a ton about before it came out then it fell silent once it was released. I was excited to get it, I rented it before Christmas for 360. Then I received it for PS3 from my sister. I put both in for comparison and came out wanting to play only the PS3 version. Sorry GamerScore...

Game: Assassin's Creed
System: 360, PS3
Rating: 8/10
Replay Value: Fair
Collection Recommendation: Buy

What is it?
In Assassins Creed you play mainly as a Assassin in the Middle East - Time Unknown to me. Its a free roam world like that of the Grand Theft Auto style. You can explore how you want, and gather as much information or assist as many a civilians as you like before continuing to your main assassination. Mind there is a small bit of research needed to continue it doesn't hold you back. The game has a 'futuristic twist' Ubisoft was excited about, I wasn't excited about it and kinda find it awkward at times.

Their was a lot of talk about how this game is controlled before it was released. Their is an odd "puppet system" for controlling your Assassin, which both had and has a good amount of complaints. I've picked it up pretty easy, the control works well for what you need it to do. I worried for a minute if I could use it successfully, but I've had no issues. Others I talked to didn't like it though. The input also comes in two forms, aggressive and passive these arn't as hard to manage as I was thinking they may be, they end up working well.

As far as the play, it gets repetitive pretty quick since their is about 4 things to do over and over in each city. This is just as far as what you need to do, spy, pick-pocket, save people and interrogate people. You do them all over and over each city, it does get progressively harder and isn't the exact thing always. Similar enough though, I was hoping in this next-gen gaming they would have at least disguised it! This is the major complaint I hear though. The play otherwise is pretty awesome, although I am impressed by the assassinations and climbing tall heights. I found it to be really fun, not much repetition to spoil it for me. I think its good content, and alot of fun, they should have just put some more mix in there.


Heres where my meat and potato go. I love my graphics! As I mentioned before I tried them both together to see how they looked. They looked stunningly different! My friends whom were over at the time said "different as night and day" the 360 smooths it down alot and the draw distance is shorter (how far you see), with the playstation you easily see dust being stirred up and blowing around. I also noticed on the 360 I got really irritated with the same voice clips playing over and over and over, so much I almost wanted to put the game down!! The playstation it seems that they just have nothing new to say... this is referring to the citizens around town that just comment as you play. Playstation definitely looks much better, I even think it seems to play better. I suggest it if you have the option, otherwise the 360 version is fun, kinda annoying to listen to the banter though.

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