Nice VC Games this week.

Wow! Nice VC games this week... I'd have to say the BEST (well for NES) so far. Woah! So glad to see Startropics on there, I love that game. If you haven't played it something it wrong with you... Its almost a Zelda clone, not really in my opinion since it has a good storyline to go with it, but its great. :D Never thought of it as a Zelda clone but it is, same walk, same attack (not a sword, but a YoYo) and Heart 1/2s for lives.

Reallly GOOD game... :/ I almost want to buy it. I love it, replay is so good too, but I have the cart. Only game that could top that is Crystalis. Are you listening SNK and Nintendo? :D

StarTropics - NES - 500 Wii Points

The King of Fighters '94 - Neo Geo - 900 Wii Points

StarTropics is totally worth the buy if you like RPGs...
If you think you'd like it or someone else would... should get some Wii points and get it.
Please consider clicking the link below and buy from Amazon, it helps us out! Enjoy it, its a great game.

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