Mega Man 9 Release - Console War Update.

Wow... In case someone didn't notice, Megan Man 9 is now out for the big 3.

I originally lost info on it and thought it would only be a Wii release. Then I was excited to see it come for 360 and PS3 on Wednesday.

I am really excited to see it, haven't ended up getting it yet, but its on that list.

Wii had brought us Super Mario RPG too, so its still in the running. I worry though how it will fare this fall... whats exciting coming to it? Better motion control?

Being 'hardcore' these days I am more looking for upcoming such as Gears of War II (so much it validates another $50 a year), Resistance II, and others. Also looking forward to Little Big Planet which is for my hardcore physics and design side! :D

Anyways its good to see Megaman 9 come out, but sadly would rather play it on PS3 so its loosing its grip on the console war. Its still my #2 choice.