Fox Busted - Spreading Whitehouse Propaganda

Wow... Thats all it takes.. I knew FOX had something to do with the Whitehouse propaganda, but now its confirmed.


McCain talks surge at home?

Theirs been rumor of it for awhile... if you ask me, I'll also tell you this is another reason and a BAD REASON to be in Israel and Iraq. Were learning how to dead with street warfare... They have been penetrating peoples houses for thousands of years. With someone who abuses the call for stopping "domestic terrorism" this could be very bad.

Why though? As my father sometimes mentions when I don't like police action, as well as many others "Well if were not doing anything wrong, then we have noting to worry about." I can see that to some point, but who's read the "Anti-Terrorism" Manuals and Guidelines? I've got some if you want to read them, their fit for anyone who they want. Points out Christan Fundamentalists, as well as other groups, going into people who cite the constitution as 'rights their owed', and those who resist law enforcement claiming they have constitutional rights. That means you do what they say. Though enough of me... Sounds like McCain is interested in locking down our neighborhoods with the army as I've been trying to talk to people about.

"Answering a question about his approach to combatting crime, John McCain suggested that military strategies currently employed by US troops in Iraq could be applied to high crime neighborhoods here in the US. McCain called them tactics 'somewhat like we use in the military...You go into neighborhoods, you clamp down, you provide a secure environment for the people that live there, and you make sure that the known criminals are kept under control. And you provide them with a stable environment and then they cooperate with law enforcement.' The way he described it, his approach sounded an awful lot like the surge. As part of his argument, McCain praised the crime-fighting efforts of former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani; Urban League president Marc Morial countered that while New York did experience a drop in crime under Giuliani, there were several major instances of police misconduct. To which McCain promised aggressive prosecution of civil rights violations and a Justice Department free from political cronyism."


(it would be nice if I was over reacting, but better be on watch than sorry when your jumped without warning.)