Diablo III indeed announced.

Diablo III was indeed announced.

Here's awsome clip -

Wow, looks amazing. If you've never played Diablo you should go pick up the box set now and play them. They are amazing! Expecially Blizzards CGI.... I am so ready.

Also for more, even better if you wanna see the CGI - Check it out - Diablo3.com


Quake Live (beta too?)

Its interesting ID is coming out with a new Quake. Quake Live.

John Carmack says he expects millions to be playing it when its done.

Could be interesting, I have more confidence in it rather than Romeros Daikatana which was nice, but a total Epic Fail. I am not really sure about the millions. Its Quake, supposed to be totally aimed to perfect skill matches. He talks about it going mainstream and something about WoW, but I don't see anything that will take it mainsteam. WoW isn't really mainstream, it just appeals to others and a ton of people who like adventure and D&D. You can't really do that with Quake I don't think, but ID had the skills to bring something great, so sure its something I'll like for sure.

Theirs a beta, but there's an error in it. I was down to try. Someone should tell me if they get it to work. - www.QuakeLive.com

More Info Here -

oh and also, it will be FREE with in game ADs. Sounds alright to me, they say they don't want them to be distracting at all.
also in other gaming news... Diablo 3 is confirmed once again. (perhaps, thats to be cleared this weekned)