French Legalize P2P! :)

Sweet! Its how it should be, don't make profit off of it idiots!


Babelfish it if you don't know french...


Former Canadian Minister Of Defence Asks Canadian Parliament Asked To Hold Hearings On Relations With Alien "Et" Civilizations - Yahoo! News


farther and farther away...

Seems Canadian feds are confessing that there are aliens. So are our feds... Duh, Hideing that there are aliens is stupid in these times.


I got an OrKut Account. Contact me with your email if you want an invite. A closed open source community. Most people seem to not be American, but to me that is nice. Americans tend to be fat and rude. Plus its a good world enviroment. :)


Hear no Blog, See No Blog

Blogging is stupid.

I hate blogging but for some stupid reason I occasionally spit BS out.


are out, pretty freaking cool to pull up any video style and watch movies about it. W007.

Base may have some new stuff from Nipahc there. Nipahsim as well.


God Hates Fags

You know what is bullshit?

This - God Hates Fags
"Oh, Thanks for Katrina, thanks for all the fags that die, thanks for our army people getting fucked up, thanks becouse this is a fag nation."

How fucked up can you be?
These people make Christians look like trash to say the least. Ehhh... It makes me sick and sad.

There may be a bodcast about it on Myspace. :/


Blogthings - Your Inner European is Russian!

I guess this is intresting.... It isn't really but what the hell.

Your Inner European is Russian!

Mysterious and exotic.
You've got a great balance of danger and allure.*


Domain Transfer crap...

Errr... trying to get Nipahc.com and PrimeExistance.com to point here.

Found some intresting things in digg.com

not really much more tho.

Nipahc Site-age...


I am looking to bring news soon maybe not.
Lets keep repeating it -- digg.com
Its pretty interesting for 'news'. Shows and talks about all kinds of new things and you digs it if you like it.

Eh blogging is so eh odd. What do you need to know about me? Not sh1t.
In any case I want people to know more and learn more, so Maybe I'll educate you if you read it. Maybe you'll educate me.

there's always new stuff to discover and learn.

- You should also be able to post here if you think you have a valididitly to that, unless I decide that will really be jacko. But then you could to bring learning.


Blogger, Blogg.

I am stepping once again into the world of no one cares...


Anyways, A new blog.
Probbially follow to Myspace as a copy and Purerave too.

Digg.com is really freaking sweet and I think I am on that journey to bring what I know and beleive to all those who will lend an ear.