PS3 2.50 Update

If you haven't seen their is a new PS3 Update!

Adds Bluetooth support options, ps3 auto shutoff, trophy custom icons (set by dev), and more.

Mother 3 Translation!

Wow... Mother 3 translation coming this week! happy

I wish I had a slot-2 card for my NDS card, so I didn't have to play on my laptop. frown

People who are lost far as japan, Mother 3 is the continuation of the American "Earthbound" game by Nintendo. One of the best games ever.


PMS Buddy to help.

lol... you guys get tired of running into your ladies when its shark week and end up finding out too late?

I guess pmsbuddy.com is here to help. ;D Can track like 5 women, then set it to remind you before Aunt Ruby arrives so you can be aware... get that extra stuff done, or be warned before you get a new one ripped.

Could be helpful... lol