Want Ububtu without the hassle?

Wow, I wanted the new 9.04 Ubuntu (Linux) thats coming out, so I grabbed the "Release Candidate" and of course as every other time I tried to install Linux for most part I had bad luck. I have now two, Linux coasters if someone is interested! lol... anyway knew there would be a way. So I looked around a bit and found WUBI (http://wubi-installer.org/) and nice! It removes the hassle of installing linux and doing all the partitioning. Its easy to uninstall if you change your mind later.

Now I have a great new copy of Ubuntu on my laptop! I love the open source goodness of Linux so I am excited. :D I haven't even really had to pop open the console, just once to set my Root pw info,but everythings running smooth without so far, now once I learn that I'll be good.

So if you ever wanted a easy way to get Linux to work or try it go check out - http://wubi-installer.org/