Pic sent again

Wii be happy

Friend took a pic of me with my Wii. Had to make it so joyful like all the Wii Commercials! W007!


Keeping with the update....

I am just trying ot keep on track and actually have some infomation or some kind of Bloggity chatter here.

Absolutly discusted with all the crazy stuff the NWO followers are up to.
If you need to track it down you should go to - www.Jonesreport.com or www.infowars.com. You should be come one in the know, and stop being so concerned on the Episodic content on TV.


Wii its fun....

Stood in like and got me a Wii. Love it, its nice. Red Steel is way more crappier than expected sadly. Zelda is quite nice!

Added the Israel banner today. I liked it when I saw it elsewhere, so just had to put it here. Not too much more going on really. Trying to get some more site stuff worked out but thats quite normal, right? Also looking at getting into Real Estate, we'll see what happens.


Back maybe?

Back to blogging here maybe, just updated it. Also looking for a site reform. So if Gears of War and WoW dosen't keep my off track.

Please do comment if you actually come here!

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Off and away, back to stay?

Hey Ya'll...
Who reads the blog? Probially no one, I need somewhere to post all kinds of Items, but I am not to quick (at all) at getting something on my site. Sad sad... hmm... I really think this may become a peice of my site.

As far as Nipahc Tech Doings...
Investigating LED technogies,
Comtemplating Revolution SDK for Game Dev,
as well as return of TLI:HL2

We'll see where this all goes.

Also... Perhaps people will ge getting 10 years for Piracy?
(Don't get me wrong, stealing isn't right, you shouldn't make money off other peoples wares, but 10years?!? Isn't there a more tactful way?)