Game Review - Beautiful Katamari

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Beautiful Katamari
System: Xbox 360
Rating: 8/10
Collection Suggestion: Buy

What is it?

Beautiful Katamari is an odd game from Japan. If you've played the other Katamari games your familiar with this oddity. In Beautiful Katamari your father - The King of the Universe - is an excellent tennis player, being so good he smashes a ball through the sky and creates a black hole that creates havoc and eats many solar bodies across the universe. Your father the magical guy he is insists you (The Prince) and your cousins help fix it, by rolling up junk on Earth to become the new bodies in space.

The majority of game play takes place in shops and across earth rolling into as many items as you can to make a huge ball of random junk. This is nicely varied, I assumed it would get boring quick, but to my supprize they backed it up pretty well. Every level starts in a new location in the same world (of Earth) but with new goals and item types there interested in. It always feels new for doing the same thing, which I find as a plus. Even when completed with goals, you have the opportunity to out do yourself or find items and cousins hidden in the level.

I find it interesting to play, but I am amused pretty easy sometimes. I really enjoy the dynamics of it, if you stick to a light pole or a ruler it actually makes it like a ball that rolls with a light pole jammed into the side! For me the rolling takes quite a bit of effort to make your father happy though! I was lucky alot of times to actually get his goals, which does become easier once you grasp what size you need to be to pick up items and which makes you bigger faster. I could see good strides once I figure this out.

The control of the game is a bit odd... it uses both thumb sticks to drive around, it works but it makes the control kinda odd. I'd occasionally get stuck some places, which were logical places to get stuck, but getting out would get on my nerves (timer doesn't help). Once you learn how it works the control does decent. I personally think the Left Stick being a bit higher than the Right makes it kinda awkward, but it plays nicely. There are areas that you need to balance for control to get across areas like shelves full of books, yet I didn't have a problem keeping where I wanted to be as I expected.

This game in interesting, if you don't like weird Japanese games, odd games or simplicity you most likely won't like it. If you like quirky odd games where you can jump in and play its a good one. When you get to stick civilians, dogs, cats, houses, and other oddities its really amusing. I really got a kick out of watching people flail and kick around crazily when picked up. It really isn't that 'simple' of a game, it gets pretty complicated, but as far as learning. Really only have to figure size of items and roll on them!

I think its a good game for people who like oddity. A good game for people just to pick up and play, you don't really need to know alot to play and have a good amount of amusement to go with it! I'd put it under the buy list. Also feels like a good relief when your mad at the world, roll it and its citizens up, show them the stars! It wouldn't be a deal at its original $60, but now marked down, its worth your buy.

Buy this game!

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