Amazon App of The Day

I thought it would be great to touch on the amazing free app of the day from Amazon App Store.   Not only is it FREE but the apps they offer are marked down for the day and normally cost!  Quite a few people are missing this and I love good deals so thought I'd share as I can!

Go get the app store at http://amazon.com/appstore if you don't have it.   You do have to share a payment method but it's worth it for these nice goodies!

Today is the Angry Birds Rio (AD Free).   If you want a cool simple addictive game and have not tried the Angry Bird Series your missing out!   This is the best of the Series so far, based loosely off the new Rio movie the Angry Birds jump in to save the birds that got captured and taken to Rio.   They seem to have improved the physics and made improvement in the art in Rio.

If you haven't played Angry Birds at all yet it's a fun quick game where you use a slingshot to shoot birds at towers and knock them down with sweet physics.

Go to the Amazon App store and try it today!

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