Dennis Kucinich brings impeachment friday.

Wow, this is a suprize to me, but its much needed. Our president needs to be examined. This talk of excusing them from their actions since 9/11 should not be tollerated. How is it even fair? If any of us break laws of war (and now terror) the'll press hard to make us accountabe. I agree when something crazy does come up, and in the president's case I think he needs to be taken to court. His judges can use God's guidance to find how to solve this situation. Its less Bush even, I don't think he's evil to any means, but it has opened up very bad spots in our security, been allowed to let some terrible things pass... I think he abuses them, but someone else could do much worse. So I think its best we keep him accountable so others will know they are too. Sickly theirs alot of talk on how he's getting people to profit from the war, which is deadlier yet. More of a worry than him but it should be retracted where it needs to be too.

Thanks to those who have helped us get this far!

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