(after watching preview for Alex Jones New movie)

Yea... The game will be ended.

Eh... Not really not for everyone actually.
Eugenics programs are working for you who are less able, old and disabled.
Plans for you who don't submit to be marked as Terrorists.
But its ok, most of you will work with them to continue your daily lives.

But eveyone listens to the Fools who want you dead:
-Divorce and Break up your families, you'll get government support. (He's quite an asshole anyway, you don't need him)
-Global Warming is happening because of us! We need to tax the Earth. ( Its the sun not us! - www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main...8.xml Mars is warming too Stop using your SUVs there - www.breitbart.com/article.php...cle=1 one example Google for more)
-We need to make the world a Democratic place!(USA is not a Democracy Read the constitution!)
-Women are Equal and both Mom and Dad need to be working!!(Women arn't less than men go to work, let the public schools tell your kids how to think, GO NWO, GO NAU ( www.spp.gov )

Us that do care need to get on top of it, which most likely won't work. Though when it doesn't we need to stay together and lock down to the bull, or we'll fall one at a time. I am here for it... I'll be here till the end. Sad that I don't know anyone else really that will be. Some not down for some of the ideas, but I am sure they can be convinced or let go somehow.

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