TV and Privacy - Google is in. Are you?

I subscribe to webpro news, since I am such a web pro and all, as well as having some interesting tidbits in it but I thought I'd take a moment to bring up a concern.

Google is bringing TV adds? (WebPro Article) I assume that means your speakers will reverse or you'll find mics in your TV's... So you can get better ads. Nice... If it could get main stream you'll get IPTV content with precise ADs to target nearly everything you could ever want. If you want to be quite Material.

I don't really want to be targeted for ads. I don't want people's junk. I've got stuff God put here... Sure its convient and tastes good, but I am fine. Eh.... whats the world coming to?

I don't work for Google or Webpro, just sources.

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