Blu-Ray shows NiN's Only Video Flaws.

I just got "Beside you in time" in DVD and Blu-Ray. The Blu-Ray totally out does the DVD and is really freak'n sweet. At $16 the BR is a steal. Quite worth your money though.

In wondering how much better the Only video would be, and if Trent (and David Fincher) was nice enough to give it to us in HD. It completely was. It blew me away... I even noticed you could see fingerprints on the top Right corner of the Nail Art. It almost makes me wonder if it was put in there on purpose to make it look less like CGI. I don't care about really, except for the fact that it does make it look like someone had just used it. Pretty frikn cool.... you should pick it up in Blu-Ray or HD-DVD for yourself too.

Though it ultimately makes me wonder how entertainment is going to go. Just like the Porn in HD, you can see the 'flaws'. Is there going to be some people really upset, or will it be a tool to make it look more "realistic". I guess time will tell.

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